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On a stable footing you can hit the heights. And we work for those who aim highest.

On a stable footing you can hit the heights. And we work for those who aim highest.

Modern plants need unwavering production processes. The solutions of the TURKUS + LAINER ™ group are not only advanced floors — they are a guarantee of stable growth and safety for years.

Implementation of projects on the basis of One Source Solutions™

We work on the basis of One Source Solutions ™, which is a single source of solutions, based on a complete supply chain of professional products and international service. Our partners can count on the commitment of the entire team from the preparation of the industrial floor project based on our own, reliable resin systems, through comprehensive delivery throughout Europe and after-sales service.

Production of resin flooring systems

The advanced production technologies implemented by us have allowed us to become a leading producer of resin flooring systems. Suppliers of raw materials used in production are only reputable companies with the best quality potential available on the world market. All products have the necessary approvals and certificates. Yes, we are proud of them.

Design and consulting

We know how important it is to prepare an appropriate project that affects the optimization of the investment and future implementation. Our experienced and qualified specialists will help you choose the right flooring solutions already at the investment planning stage, to steadily go through difficult design choices.

General contracting of industrial floors

We implement projects to the full extent under the supervision of authorized managerial staff, while supporting investors and general contractors with 30 years of experience and acquired know-how. We specialize in difficult projects in the food sector, the broadly understood industrial sector and complex renovations. We provide partnership-based cooperation, which ultimately guarantees the introduction of stable production processes in the company, and thus contributes to increasing the company's competitiveness.

Own laboratory

As part of our competences and facilities in the form of our own laboratory, we carry out tests and audits of resin and concrete industrial floors that require renovation. This allows for an accurate assessment of threats and, consequently, for an effective repair of floors.

"Secured assets. Stable operations. This is how we define efficiency. And this is how we ensure it. We assess businesses from the ground up, and solid ground we deliver"

Sectors of activity

Each type of activity of our partners faces different challenges. Proper selection of products and their specifications ensures stable protection for years, and thus favors the conditions for business development. We offer products tailored to the characteristics of the selected industry.



Modern food plants operate according to the highest hygiene standards. PC—Hard® polyurethane—cement systems guarantee an exceptional level of food and worker safety.

Advanced industry


Production processes in industrial plants require stability and uninterrupted operation. E—Vers® and P—Flex® flooring systems ensure continuity of production and appropriate, constant working conditions.

Medicine and health protection


Hospitals and health care facilities must meet the strictest hygienic and sanitary requirements. P—Flex® Comfort flooring systems guarantee the highest standards of patient and staff safety.

Parking lots and garages


Parking lots are constantly exposed to destructive factors. P — Flex® Park systems have been designed to provide comprehensive protection of the most important building components in order to significantly extend their lifetime.

Chemistry and petrochemistry


Floors in chemical plants require special protection. Solutions from the E—Vers® family guarantee an appropriate level of protection for concrete substrates, thus extending their service life.

Server rooms and electronics


Objects exposed to electric discharges need special flooring. Antistatic systems ensure the safety of employees and devices, while affecting the quality of work.

Commercial and sports facilities


Public spaces are exposed to intense pedestrian traffic, therefore they need appropriate floor protection. Systems from the E—Vers® and P—Flex® family effectively affect the longer operation of facilities.

Military facilities


Military engineering objects, above all, need durable and strong flooring that can withstand high loads. The P—Flex®, E—Vers® and PC—Hard® systems have been designed with special missions in mind.
We have been cooperating with the TURKUS + LAINER group for many years. By using their services, we can always count on professional advice and support. Such optimization in investment planning allows us to provide the right "ground" for many years.

Andrzej Waszczyk — Maintenance Supervisor, PEPSI—COLA General Bottlers Poland

Each investment carries certain risks. The power of success lies in choosing the right solutions when working with details. We can safely say that the choice of the TURKUS + LAINER group is one of these decisions.

Łukasz Tarantowicz — WIPASZ S.A.

Optimization is a process that is the key to the success of any enterprise. And when you meet such partners during the implementation of the investment, who look at the order through the eyes of the investor - this is a unique approach that is deeply remembered.


Each industry is different. Before we met with the TURKUS + LAINER group, we did not know how choosing the right floor can have a key impact on internal processes and thus extend its life by several years. Thank you for a solid ground under your feet.


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