In business, aim high and believe what you really want.

Every day we provide our clients with advanced products and services which support their businesses and lead to their further, stable development. We operate under One Source Solutions ™ to guarantee a single, comprehensive source of professional services for both larger and slightly smaller investments. We solve many problems with difficult projects in the food sector, the broadly understood industrial sector and in complicated renovations. Our team composed of experts from the industrial flooring business helps Investors and General Contractors at every stage of their investment. The solutions we implement support, among others, safety in the food production, staff security and ensure the stability of production processes, which guarantees effective protection for years. We analyze the company’s needs from scratch and ensure the sense of security. We are the first choice of conscious brands.

Here’s how we achieve our results:

Our partners can count on the commitment of the entire team, starting from the stage of technical design preparation, through the delivery of professional, certified, resin flooring systems, industrial flooring implementation under the supervision of authorized management staff to a post-sales service. Due to such a comprehensive service, each partner acquires one full guarantee, faster implementation, wise cost optimization and full technical support, also after the project implementation.

Our attribute is effective assistance at all stages of implementation and a broad view on our partners’ business. We have acquired our competences over the years while implementing the largest investments in Poland and abroad. The know-how which we have obtained this way allows us to share modern knowledge and optimize the processes related to the selection of appropriate solutions and subsequent implementation from the very beginning. Consequently, this extends the life of the floors and positively influences the stability and profitability of the entire investment.

The advanced production technologies we have implemented have allowed us to become a leading producer of resin flooring systems. Only reputable companies with the best quality potential available on the world market are suppliers of our raw materials used in production process. We are so proud of them.