Polyurethane—Cement Flooring System

Color stable, HACCP certified, anti—slip system with exceptional resistance to chemicals and temperatures up to +100°C, designed for wet areas. Meets the highest emission requirements for volatile organic compounds, VOC<20 g/l, Class A+.

The PC—Hard® AG+ system is intended for production and processing plants in the following industry:

  1. poultry
  2. dairy
  3. beverage and alcohol
  4. fish
  5. fruit and vegetable
  6. meat

The bacteriostatic composition of the PC—Hard® AG+ system prevents the development of bacterial flora and fungi on its surface, meeting the highest hygiene standards while reducing odors. The system is designed especially for wet areas.

Durable and resistant to extremely strong impacts, the PC—Hard® AG+ system is available in thicknesses of 6 and 9 mm. The unique composition of the polyurethane—cement system PC—Hard® AG+ is safe for the environment and workers, odorless, therefore it is also perfect for repairs while the plant is in operation.

The most important features of the system


The high temperature resistance of the PC—Hard® AG+ system depends on the thickness of the coating. For 6 mm the system is resistant to temperatures up to +80°C, for 9 mm to temperatures up to +100°C.


The PC—Hard® AG+ system is extremely resistant to many aggressive chemicals, including organic acids and bases, often used in the food processing industry.


The PC—Hard® AG+ system perfectly withstands strong impacts and mechanical loads in production areas of the food sector, thus increasing production capacity.


The PC—Hard® AG+ system is HACCP certified and has a glossy finish, and its unique composition prevents the penetration of bacterial flora into the floor and the growth of microorganisms on its surface.


The PC—Hard® AG+ system has anti-skid properties, ensuring a safe working environment and thus the safety of employees.


The PC—Hard® AG+ system is monolithic and has the minimum required number of joints and dilatations, which effectively reduces the storage of dirt or food residues.


The fast setting time of the floor significantly affects the possible shutdown of production rooms from use and the return to restarting the renovated rooms.


The PC—Hard® AG+ system is available in 8 basic colors most commonly used in the food industry, but it is also possible to customize special colors on request.