Polyurethane Flooring System

Polyurethane parking system for ramps and ramps, meeting the VOC emission requirements for building assessment and certification systems in the field of indoor air quality LEED v4 (Low emitting materials) and BREEAM. VOC emission <20g/l, Class A+. The system complies with OS13.

P—Flex® Park 300 system with a flexible membrane used as an effective solution for:

  1. downhill ramps
  2. ramps
  3. loading ramps

The P—Flex® Park 300 system with a flexible P—Flex® Park Elastic membrane has been developed in such a way as to ensure the ability to bridge static and dynamic cracks caused by vehicle traffic (OS13 according to DAfSb guidelines) and resistance to contact with automotive oils, gasoline, chemical compounds contained in incl. in road salt or operating fluids. It is resistant to ultraviolet radiation (UV).

Durable and highly abrasion resistant P—Flex® Park 300 system protects ramps and ramps against corrosion of concrete and reinforcement, available in thicknesses from 2 to 4mm. The P—Flex® Park 300 system is waterproof, has soundproofing and anti—skid properties, which ensures the safety of users.

The P—Flex® Park 300 system is solvent—free and meets the highest VOC emission requirements for interior flooring systems in accordance with Directive 2004/42 / EC, EN ISO 16000-6, PN-EN ISO 11890:2.

The most important features of the system


The P—Flex® Park 300 system shows high abrasion resistance, thanks to which it remains in good condition for a long time.


The P—Flex® Park 300 system is extremely resistant to the aggressive effects of operating fluids, engine oils and de—icing salts.


The P—Flex® Park 300 system perfectly withstands the impact and mechanical loads occurring in garages and large—area car parks.


Thanks to the special, flexible P—Flex® Park Elastic membrane, the system has the ability to bridge dynamic and static cracks in the concrete substrate.


The P—Flex® Park 300 system has exceptional anti-skid properties, ensuring the safety of users and employees of the facility.


The P—Flex® Park 300 system is monolithic and has the minimum required number of joints and dilatations, which effectively reduces the storage of dirt or food residues.


The fast setting time of the floor significantly affects the possible shutdown of production rooms from use and the return to restarting the renovated rooms.


The P—Flex® Park 300 system is available in 6 basic colors most commonly used in parking lots, but it is also possible to customize special colors at the customer's request.