Animex Foods


Morliny / Szczecin / Ełk / Suwałki / Kutno


Polyurethane—cement system
concrete floors
24.000 m²

The Animex Foods Group is the largest meat company on the Polish market with a global reach, dealing in the production and processing of meat.

As part of cooperation with the Animex Foods group, over many years we have made several tens of thousands of square meters of polyurethane—cement floors and concrete floors in the Animex Foods plants in Morliny, Agryf Szczecin, Animex Suwałki, ZM Mazury in Ełk and Animex in Kutno (originally Pini Polonia).

Antibacterial polyurethane—cement floors provide a safe working environment at Animex Foods.

The floors at Animex Foods can withstand the chemical and mechanical stresses that occur during production.