Drosed S.A.




System PC—Hard® K2
1.500 m²

Drosed S.A. produces canned food, led by the iconic Podlaski brand, and chicken poultry under the Drosed brand.

As part of cooperation with the Drosed S.A. group, we have made 1500 m² of polyurethane-cement systems PC — Hard® K2 with a thickness of 6.0 mm and several hundred meters of wall plinths and concrete floors. Substrates protected in this way allow for smooth operation of the plant, which cannot afford any downtime and withstand the extreme conditions prevailing during production.

Antibacterial PC — Hard® K2 floor ensures a hygienic working environment at Drosed S.A.

Design and details of the floors in the Drosed S.A. plant have been selected for the production conditions in order to meet the requirements of HACCP certification.