White Star




P—Flex® Park 100
E—Vers® Hydro
30.000 m²

The Park Warsaw with an Excellent rating and the P — Flex® Park 100 system.

The Park Warsaw is a modern and self-sufficient office campus consisting ultimately of 10 A-class buildings with a total leasable area of approx. 110000 m² with numerous parking spaces. Glass office buildings reaching 4-5 above-ground storeys with carefully designed greenery and elements of small architecture constitute a perfect place for development for a modern corporation. The multi-stage design with connections between the buildings provides an opportunity for the company’s expansion. The aim of the designers of the APA Wojciechowski office was to create a dynamic work environment in harmony with nature. The project received the BREEAM certificate with an Excellent rating, awarded to leading sustainable development buildings.

The highest finishing standards.

The high standard of finish, functionality, glazed facades and optimal access to daylight ensure comfortable working conditions. The Park Warsaw offers numerous amenities, incl. cafes, restaurants, a kindergarten, a fitness club and an underground car park, which is often the user’s first contact with the interior of the facility. So he has to make a good impression. The Park Warsaw investor, the White Star company, chose a certain solution in this case and decided to make resin flooring systems supplied and made by the TURKUS + LAINER group.

Thanks to the P—Flex® Park 100 system, the underground car park has become the hallmark of the facility. However, the most important thing is that the concrete floors of the car park have been protected against degradation and corrosion of concrete and steel. A conscious investor knows the impact of de-icing salts, leaking oils or gasoline on unprotected concrete substrates. Therefore, cooperation with such a partner is always successful.